The Terrifying True Story of the Manson Family Murders

By Joal Ryan
Published: 01:30 PM October 18, 2021
Getty Images

There was no method to Los Angeles’ sinister summer. It was all madness.

Of all the terrifying details of the spree murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others on Aug. 9 and Aug. 10, 1969, at the hands -- and knives -- of Charles Manson's followers, there is none more unnerving than this: the randomness. 

Conspiracy theorists may spin baseless tales of CIA involvement, and the Quentin Tarantino film "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" may put a fairytale spin on the bloody saga, but the historical record -- the police and forensics investigations, the courtroom testimony, the accounts of the people who crossed paths with the principles -- tells a plain, and plainly disturbing tale of chance.